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Thread: Server 350 Doesn't Work

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    Server 350 Doesn't Work

    Troops are not returning to the base. The counter stays at 0:00.

    Everyone on that server is having issues with this.

    It's been over 24 hours since we've tried contacting Customer Support.

    Developers need to take a look at the code to see why troops are not returning.

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    Dear, if this issue still exist?

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    Yes. Issue still there.

    We are in the dark when it comes to technical support.

    It's extremely disappointing.

    People have paid real money to play the game and no one from Evony has said anything.

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    Need help to fix server 350, it's been nearly 3 days that are marches stuck outside and we can't get it back and do nothing in the game.

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    I cant deploy troops in server 350 its been days now and the problem have not been fixed. Come on please do something about it fast. Fix server 350

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    We have multiple members with this same issue with no response from customer support. When will this be fixed what will be the compensation package. Some players are wanting all their money back already

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    I'm having the same problem. Many people have quit playing in our kingdom already. 😓

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    Evony.... You have left Server 350 hang out to dry.

    Over 48 hours of the whole server stuck and you have done nothing.

    This is shameful and ridiculous.

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    Hello. I have the same problem. This is shamful

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    This is unbelievable, problem for over 2 days now and not a single word from evony. This server will probably fail and many players will not try evony again because of this. just some communication and a timeline for repair would satisfy me and probably many others. But this complete silence is outrageous.

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    Please fix server 350, because accepting money for a broken server is stealing

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    Any we get any update? We only have 2 players in an Alliance of 70 who are actually still working on Server 350.

    95% of server are broken, can’t attack, can’t gather resources, can’t port.

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    Hi dear evony sapport team are you here ?
    Answer all question don't ignore it plz
    Me and all players in server 350 can't play .
    If you do not solve these problems, we ask you to return our money that we paid in this game

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