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Thread: Server 350 Doesn't Work

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    Evony plans to keep ignoring Server 350?

    Troops STILL won't come back.

    Ignoring the users won't make this go away.

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    Server 350 is stuck again troops refuse to return to the city. Come on!! Fix this bug or error once and for all.

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    This is really 5 days now where the server has been fault for basically everyone. No sign of a fix, no hint of acknowledgement and no compensation. I think we currently have about 5% of players still working.

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    Troops are not returning to the base. The counter stays at 0:00.

    Everyone on that server is having issues with this.

    It's been over 24 hours since we've tried contacting Customer Support.

    Developers need to take a look at the code to see why troops are not returning.

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    This stinks. Troops stuck in limbo for at least 3rd time this week and won't return. 1st time I noticed was for 3 days!!! Sad part is I just found this game and been playing for about a week. But will take my money everyday.

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    Top Games still hasn't done anything to correct this problem.

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    When are you guys going to fix this server? People are quitting left and right. Server has not worked a full day in about a week now. Today i havent seen it work at all

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    Dear all, so sorry for this late reply. Our tech team is working on this problem. Apologize for any inconvenience it cause.

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