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Thread: Server 350

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    Server 350

    Once again the server is glitching and yes I have reset and reinstalled the app and nothing. I have been on this game for 6 days and it has been messed up for 5 days of it and yet you donít answer our tickets and if you do itís a generic response to reinstall. And not any kind of compensation for lack of service, so please fix or refund money

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    Dear, thank you for your feedback. Our tech team is working on this problem now.

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    Dear, this problem has been fixed one hour ago. If this problem still exist, please kindly contact me here again.

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    I have reinstalled and the server is still glitching, definitely not fixed

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    Dear, could you explain the exact problem that you meeting now? The problem of counter freezing and the troops could not get back should be fixed.

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