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Thread: Lost my account

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    Lost my account

    Hello please I wanna recover my account
    Name: Shoko
    Monarch level: 26
    Please it's linked to either Google or Facebook I've forgotten because I lost my old phone now I bought a new one and the account was given to me by an Ex Evony player who quit a long time ago please re-link it
    To 🙏🙏🙏
    Alliance Xxx Armageddon
    Server 131
    And am using a Temporary account known as Kidd Waya: monarch level:13:alliance Fel
    Help me out please 😢😢😩😩

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    Dear, I have made a check. Your account ⚔️Shoko, player ID 24849412, is linking to a Game center account, GameCenter ID: G:655175335. You could try to switch the account first.

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    I've tried that slot times yet nothing works

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    So what account is showing now in your device?

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    Still the the temporary account Kidd Waya please help me

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    Maybe am gonna stop playing this Evony after all my hard work 😔😔😔🚶🚶🚶

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    Dear, you need to provide the account ID showing on your device to me. Then I could help you to relink.

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    New ID: 28662164
    Here's the new ID 😔😔
    Kidd Waya
    Professor James that's the New ID

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    Dear, your account 28662164 belongs to NG, and account 24849412 belongs to ES. To prevent account stealing or selling, we need to confirm you are the owner of this account. Could you provide the screenshot of the lastest purchase of account 24849412 and explain the reason why these accounts are created in different countries?

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    That's because the account was given to me one certain time about 7months ago because I lost my phone it took me months to get a new one and someone gave me this one for free, well it's your choice to help me maybe when I enter grade 8 I start a new one, already am already engrossed with PUGB Mobile

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    And I haven't purchased anything because I don't have money to that if I have money I wouldn't have boarded to ask for the old account I will give it out to some weaklings in the game
    Well it's your choice to help me.

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