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Thread: Lost my account

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    Lost my account

    Hello please I wanna recover my account
    Name: Shoko
    Monarch level: 26
    Please it's linked to either Google or Facebook I've forgotten because I lost my old phone now I bought a new one and the account was given to me by an Ex Evony player who quit a long time ago please re-link it
    To 🙏🙏🙏
    Alliance Xxx Armageddon
    Server 131
    And am using a Temporary account known as Kidd Waya: monarch level:13:alliance Fel
    Help me out please 😢😢😩😩

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    Dear, I have made a check. Your account ⚔️Shoko, player ID 24849412, is linking to a Game center account, GameCenter ID: G:655175335. You could try to switch the account first.

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    I've tried that slot times yet nothing works

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    So what account is showing now in your device?

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    Still the the temporary account Kidd Waya please help me

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    Maybe am gonna stop playing this Evony after all my hard work 😔😔😔🚶🚶🚶

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    Dear, you need to provide the account ID showing on your device to me. Then I could help you to relink.

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    New ID: 28662164
    Here's the new ID 😔😔
    Kidd Waya
    Professor James that's the New ID

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