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Thread: Lost access

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    Lost access

    Hello Evony please I lost access to my account although I changed my phone and I've been trying to remember what I used in linking my game progress.
    Name: fuknMisled
    Server: 131
    Alliance: FAY
    ID: 24872934
    Help me recover it
    Am using a Temporary account now
    fuknMisled 2
    Server 131
    Monarch lvl 1
    New ID: 54765936.
    Will I be helped

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    Just remembered that I had another account that I lost

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    Dear, your account 24872934 is linking to a Facebook account (Facebook ID: 101853874532587). Please kindly try to login with this FB.

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    James how can I login to the Facebook account please

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    Dear, try setting, account setting, switch account, Facebook

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    I've tried it yet nothing it's not working I still can't find my fuknMisled

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