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Thread: Purchase with no items

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    Purchase with no items

    Twice now in the past two days, i have bought a pack from the super value event and had the game crash on me right as my payment went through. I opened an in game ticket yesterday. The support tech showed that he saw where the pack had been delivered, but i was still missing the items from my inventory. Now its happened a second time but with a $10 pack. I replied to the same in-game ticket with all supporting screen shots, but have seen no response. Now i see on the forum that this appears to be a common issue these last few days. I sincerely hope that you guys are going to make us whole on this issue. Im out real money and i want what i paid for. Additionally, because these were event packs, im at risk of losing out on other rewards if this doesnt get solved before the event ends.

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    Dear, could you provide your account ID to me and tell me the exact time and item you purchase? I will submit to our relevant department to have a check. Thank you.

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