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Thread: Lost account

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    Lost account

    I've lost the access to my account.
    The account is :
    User name : Willy Purge
    ID monarch : 29775605
    Server : 183


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    Dear, i have made a check and found your account is linking to a Google account g05317984435504991467 Google Info. You could try to switch the account in-game first. Try setting, account setting, switch account, and chose google.

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    I try but doesn't work. I don't know why it doesn't work.
    The only thing that I do is that I've changed my phone, maybe this is the reason of the problem.
    Is it possible to restore the account?
    I've see the other question on the forum and I've created a new account.
    The id is:
    I've linked this account to Google play.
    I hope you can help me, thanks.

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    Dear, if you changed your Google Play account too? If you could not login your old Google account, I will try to submit this situation to our tech team. Thank you.

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    I don't remember what is the google play account linked, in my old phone there were multiple Google accounts. I think I can't login with my old account, I try so much time to access.
    My account still be restorable?
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    I've waiting for a long time, sorry for that.I think that my account isn't restorable. I will stop playing because Is a waste of time to restart now. Bye

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    Lost account

    I ve lost my account i was on server 239 cpt ranman the game was all screwed up so i uninsgtalled it now it game me new account

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    Hi. I lost my acc. I get access to my farm and then i tryed to get back to my main acc and now i cannot. I tried to uninstall my evony and then start again, but it´s impossible. My information is:

    User: Gran Chapa
    Server: Cirque du soleil
    ID: 108695794330869

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    Dear, sorry for the late reply. Your account 29775605 is linking to google account g05317984435504991467 Google Info. You could try to find Google Side and log in to this google play account.
    If you are sure you could not log in to this google account anymore. Please provide the lastest purchase receipt of account 29775605. We need to confirm this account belongs to you before we help you to relink. Hope that you could understand.

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    Dear, please provide the account ID that you lost and the new one in your device now. Thank you.

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    Sorry, the detalis are:

    Lost acc
    Monarch Name: Gran Chapa
    Server 248
    ID: 389134517

    New acc
    Monarch Name: Minichapa
    Server 248
    ID: 59314192

    Please help me. Curretnly i don't have any alliance. I left my alliance HHS yesterday. So they could attack me

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    Dear, sorry for the late reply. We found your account 38913517 is created in the US, but the new one belongs to CL. To prevent account selling or stealing, could you provide the latest purchase record for the old account? You could show the screenshot of the latest bill on Google. Thank you.

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    The app got deleted and when i reinstalled it my account was gone. It was not linked to google or facebook. Please help me recover it. Username DPizzle03 server 308.

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    hello can someone help me recover my account?my old account is 29848117 server 184

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