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Thread: Dati persi

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    Dati persi

    Ciao... ho perso i miei dati del profilo. Id 56070439... come posso fare a recuperare... nome ANUBI I... alleanza ITALIA VIPS
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    Dear, could you provide the new ID showing in your device too? I will submit your lost account and the new one to make a relink.

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    ╚ possibile giocare con 2 cittÓ? Una su account Google e una su Facebook?

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    Dear, you could play two accounts if you link your account to different third-party platforms. What's more, I need to confirm your need to link your account 56070439 with 58541549. After that, you could not log in to your account 58541549 again.

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    Quanto tempo ci vuole per ricollegare gli id

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    Per favore collega vecchio id 56070439 al nuovo id 58478872!!! Prima possibile o rinuncio a giocare.

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    Ho risolto... Non serve fare niente

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    Dear, your account 56070439 is linking to a Google account and has a normal login record now. It seems your problem has been solved. Our Support via forum may not be so timely. If you encounter an urgent problem, you could contact our in-game support or Facebook private message first. Thank you.

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