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Thread: Player claims to be developer in server 18 !

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    Exclamation Player claims to be developer in server 18 !

    This player claims to be a developer in server 18.

    He posts "I'm a developer I could do what i want".

    Then he has been asked if it is a threat or misunderstanding and he says "No, just facts" for his final reply.

    He even claims to have several accounts in server 18.

    Currently his nick is "S.W.A.N" from alliance "420" in server 18

    His ID number is 14678983


    Attached are the screenshots.

    Claims of many accounts

    claims of many accounts 1.jpg

    claims of many accounts 2.jpg

    Developer Claim

    developer claims.jpg

    Account ID


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    S.W.A.N asked to show proof that he has posted what he said about being a developer and he give permission to post it here.

    Asked to show proof of what he said.jpg

    S.W.A.N has no other defense about not saying these words and try to accuse of photoshopping. This is really low.

    When he has no other defence.jpg

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