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Thread: Truce problems

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    Truce problems

    My defense general was dead and my troops were missing,not in hospital,they just vanished but I have been bubbled since long before my general died and my truce haven't expired yet.I don't know what happened

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    Also,my city was on fire too but no reports?is there way that other players can actually hit us even with bubble?

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    I've had the same issues a few times myself. They still haven't taken care of the issue. Didn't start until after I bought a pack or two. Feel like I'm being targeted by higher ranked players.

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    I was attacked had all my resources taken generals and soldiers killed wall damaged when I had 7 hours of truce still left. I was scouted and attacked which is not supposed to be able to happen when in truce who do I complain to about this player?

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    So I used a 24 hour bubble at 23:11 got the message from the game and I farmed monsters until 00:23. Fell asleep and when entered I was zeroed (in server war) and was out of truce at 23:43i was even in another area of the map lost around 90 mil pwr.

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    Wtf you still haven't fixed the truce agreement glitch

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