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Thread: Cannot recall General who is marching??

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    Cannot recall General who is marching??

    I recently started playing around with Ebony on my smartphone & have run into a confusing problem....
    I have a General named Cleopatra that is stuck marching & I cannot use any troops because of this. 😞
    I don't have a Feasting Hall & have no clue how to recall these troops.
    Can someone ANYONE tell me how to get her to let my troops recall Please??
    Thanks in advance!!

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    No mapa você vai ver as traja de identificação de cada marcha ativa. Ali você bate e verifica as opções que quer executar.

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    Only can read English friend.... 😔

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    Was kind of hoping she would finish marching overnight, but still marching today & cannot figure out where nor how to stop it....
    Cannot use troops at all now because of this ignorance!! 😡😢😡

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    Did you try to restart the game? It usually helps...

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    On the map you will see the identification suits for each active gear. There you tap and check the options you want to perform.

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