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Thread: Can't receive my resources and other stuff

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    Can't receive my resources and other stuff

    I don't if it's a bug or not , but every time that I receive a gif of connexion , or I go to bring resources in the boxes , or even Spartacus bring me resources, I can't find them anywhere. Why ? For example, today for my seventh connection into the game , I receive 1000 gems, where are they ? I'm still with my 14 gems . How can I develop my kingdom if my resources don't grow up when I get them ? You can help me with that please?

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    It could be bad internet connection. If so, then for gift, you should see gift not yet collected so collect again. As for resources (Spartacus), rebut and enter game again and check again. As for resources in boxes, it should be added to inventory (not warehouse), did you check inventory?
    It could be a bug. If problem still persists then maybe you should contact developers to fix bug. (Address below)

    (Contact developers:
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    I'm new two game and I'm having a similar problem. I purchased a second builder for 300 gems but I can't find him anywhere. I thought I could possibly build two simultaneous upgrades but that didn't work. Does anyone have any idea where I should go find him? I would appreciate any help. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arno View Post
    As for resources in boxes, it should be added to inventory (not warehouse), did you check inventory?
    Do you mean the "items" in the elipsis menu?

    I have noticed my resources have been stuck for a couple of days. They do not increase whether I gather directly or use the warehouse to gather. They don't increase as I open boxes. They don't increase as I gather outside the city.

    They. Are. Stuck.

    I'm not progressing in the activities that require gathering resources. I'm unable to save up enough resources for upcoming construction, either. I have tried the above advice, including uninstalling the game app.

    Is there a way to start over? I just reached keep lvl 11, but it would be worth it to me to start fresh.

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    Lots of people get hung up on this one. Bottom right corner, brown circle with 3 dots in it, press that. A window will open, in upper left corner of that window you will see a chest. Click on that. It is your storage chest. Feel free to rummage through it and find all kinds of wonderful things.

    Hope this helps.

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    Finding your Chests and Gifts Easily!!!

    The easiest way for you to find everything that you "gather" from killing monsters and visiting Special squares for items is your FORGE!!!! Build a FORGE!!! You need one anyways and it is the easiest way to access all your items.
    When you click on the Forge it gives you several choices to choose from. Of course right now I can't remember exactly what it says but you want to click on the CHEST. It is labelled items or something. There you will find everything you have been looking for!!

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    Where can u learn how to play? The thread in settings won't load. I am just winging it

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    The Learn How To Play never loads!! You can click around the forum here and read the threads here. Some of them are stupid, some should not be here but some have good info. I am only about a month or so in the game. Some of the details and instruction given in game are confusing and do not help either. If you have a good Alliance they can help you with things. I learned most of the game from "clicking around". The 3 dots, how you found this place, are sort of the Center of the game. You click on Items then ALL to see everything you have. Following the Quests helps and when there are Event buttons on your screen CLICK EVERYTHING! If it glows click it! I missed a few items at the beggining because I did not know you should click things.

    Hope this helps!

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