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Thread: Please help for connecting my game

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    Please help for connecting my game

    Good day, yesterday i had got a error in the game "you have been disconnected because someone log in with your account", i have been trying trying but still it isnt working , i had checked my account it is not hacked, i even tried to uninstall the app for 5 times and installed it back for 5 times , still my game is popping up with the same abve msg .please help me.i looked for this problem on this forum, but i havent found anything, my nick name would me “sonal aasat”..
    Please help for connecting i really loved the game and unable to play..
    And yes one kore thng i havent linked my account as per as my knowledge .. still i can only provide my nick name “sonal aasat”
    Thnkq ll be waiting for ur reply and resolvence

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    I had it too and I didn't find normal explanation of what to do in this situation, so I just created another account. It was a pity to lose all my progress but alas... And last year I stopped playing the game completely, must have stopped loving it. I switched to minecraft. This game is very addictive, I advise to play because of many factors. In the game you have to build a shelter, and when you gather enough resources, here opens up your whole creative imagination, everything is your choice. You can plant vegetable garden, become a monster hunter - that's not all. And if you still download servers for this game, I think your imagination even won`t be enough.
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    Hey! I get that the thread is old, but what's the game's name? I think we'll be able to help you only if we know the same game you play. If it's CS go, there might be something wrong with the servers. It occasionally happens with CS go, and when such things happen, I just go to the best csgo trading site and kill some time selling or buying new skins. I like this website a lot since it allows me to get some passive income selling skins I got. This is one of the best things about this game because it allows me to make some money chest from playing.
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