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Thread: Did not receive the speed ups..

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    Did not receive the speed ups..

    Hi.. I had purchase a 4.99 package seeing speed up deals in limited time promotion... Unfortunately i received the rss instead of speed ups.. i wrote to customer service and gave them what they ve asked like receipt and screen shots.. And its been 9 days i havent received any response... I would either like the speed ups that was in the deal or refund please.. I think i have waited enough...

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    Wow finally i received a reply from customer service and i was told that i package was credited to my acoount the very same day... I dont know how to explain... I RECEIVED THE PACKAGE AS I HAVE BEEN EXPLAINING FROM THE VERY BEGINNING... BUT I GOT WRONG PACKAGE... I WANTED SPEED UPS NOT RESOURCES... this is not the first time i ve encountered the issue... Evony glitch zeroed my other account and ripping me off in the current account... And service is a nightmare... What i have to do... Can i get the refund instead... I dont wish to play anymore abd waste my time and money here...

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