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Thread: Ants *everywhere* in my car, including the engine. How can I get rid of them?

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    Ants *everywhere* in my car, including the engine. How can I get rid of them?

    Thanks to recent flooding, thousands of ants (at least) have relocated a large colony to my car. I think maybe this colony won't collapse on its own-- many are carrying what appear to be eggs and I'm seeing more than just workers there-- or if the colony is headed for collapse, I don't think I can wait it out. They're all over the exterior and engine, and they're traversing much of the interior as well-- I'd have many of them on me if I were to attempt to drive.

    My shop-vac isn't adequate to the task and I've already added ant bait traps which so far haven't been successful. Any advice would be appreciated!

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    Semplicissimo, adotta un formichiere!!

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    Oh, this is really awful! I am very sorry for you, so I will help you. Try to read this article about ants in car
    Here you will find some good methods that will definitely help you get rid of the ant in the car. Hope I helped you!

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    Lived in Alabama for much of 20 years, and ants are always an issue. Get a bag of grits. They take them back to the nest, and eating them kills the colony.

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