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    Puzzled by the question of choosing furniture for the kitchen, I want to buy unusual, functional and beautiful furniture, can you have any advice on this?

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    For example, I think that furniture of dark colors does not look in the kitchen, it is more appropriate for the living room and bedroom,
    I never thought before that green kitchens can look so interesting refrigerator wall cabinet bought myself in a store
    very beautiful interior turned out

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    Where is the best place to buy a contemporary sectional sofa? So it's not two sections but four. You know, there are such corner sofas, but they are larger than standard sofas.

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    I looked in some stores, the choice is not very good, and also the quality of the furniture itself is not of high quality. And I am looking for furniture of good quality.

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    Hi, I had such a sofa in my office in the reception area. I am convenient, it can comfortably accommodate many people, and everyone will have enough personal space because they are a great size. You can buy a contemporary sectional sofa in this store of Italian furniture. Sofas here are of high quality, only look at the upholstery material, and you'll understand everything on your own.
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    Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, and this makes our discussions interesting and varied.

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