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Thread: I am looking for a bank

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    I am looking for a bank

    I am looking for a bank where I can put my money, what can you advise?

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    Good afternoon. I want to inform you that I was amazed when I left Regions Bank. For many years I was the owner of a personal account with Regions Bank, and now I am the only one. For medical reasons, my activity with them was not conducted for a long time. Finally, after the improvement, I visited the local branch for the first time in many years. When I read the Regions Bank reviews here https://regions-bank.pissedconsumer....r-service.html . I realized that a lot has changed. Today, in light of the changing times, digital access, fewer interactions and effective communication, I was amazed at how I felt when my banking business with Regions Bank was completed. I can assure you that Regions Bank continues to value its clients with dignity and respect at a level that is rarely seen today.

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