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Thread: Pin-up (pin-up) as a style of American graphics

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    Pin-up (pin-up) as a style of American graphics

    I read an interesting overview about the style pinup . What is pinup images? Where and when did they appear for the first time in the world and with what images are they associated today? What is the secret of the popularity of pinup images and what features are characteristic of them - you can read on the site pinup . You will also see the most popular pin-up graphics, which drove millions of Americans crazy in the early days of advertising.

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    I went to your links, I liked all the pages of the proposed sites. I'll tell you that popular images of the mid-20th century in the style of pinup , which were published in magazines and calendars, gave the name to a whole direction in the design of photographs pinup . Readers loved to tear off pages from publications and pin them on the wall and enjoy girls in the style of pinup . By the way, the literal name is pinup - to hang, pin. And most of all I liked the not bad additional high income on the Internet, thanks to toys pinup !

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