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    Missing items

    Hi I had missing items in an £89 package I purchased on the 22 December. Customer services said it shipped normally. I assure you it did not. I didnít receive the ore and the stone from the package. 760 x 500k of each. Please can you tell me your formal complaints process. I would like a partial refund or the missing items sent to my inventory.
    I would advise anyone spending a lot to carefully check. Annoyingly you have to confirm that you have received before you check your inventory.
    I would like a mechanism where bought items come with an itemised report that you can claim, and check rather than a sale item that conveniently disappears, especially when the customer support takes well over a week to get back to you.

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    I agree. We purchasing items for us not to get stuck in a long hours of everything that's basically takes years to finish. But then we seemed like purchasing nothing. The feeling of getting scammed is the exact feeling I can explain how I felt about this with your annoying automatic reply! We're just doing it over and over again. It's as if we are the ones begging just to get the items that we paid for. I hope you can do something about this cause, this is making me feel like leaving the game. It's very disappointing. Hope to hear from this game soon! With a solution. Not an automated messages. Thank you.

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    Same problem. Google Pay took my money for 2 upgrades I never received.

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    Same issue. I did buy 3 double down packages for 99$ each Buț received only 1 . That was incomplete too .
    Customers Support is not dealing with. Where should i ask for help?

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