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Thread: BOC Log in glitch / Stuck in BOC

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    BOC Log in glitch / Stuck in BOC

    My alliance and myself played BOC today. It ended. We left and none of us can exit BOC. Still in red bubbles hours later. Any possible solution for this? Iíve tried deleting the app and restarting. Doesnít work. Iíve looked from other users and our castles still appear in red.

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    This has happened to our alliance too. Please help. It's been 18hrs since boc finished

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    I am in the same Alliance and server as Mixhali. I can't get logged back into the game after BOC. I've invested too much time for this to happen. It's been almost 24 hours. I assume my alliance members are still locked out also. Please help

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    Is anyone from evony actually working this weekend???? This is pretty huge for the alliances effected. Radio silence from everyone at evony.... again!!!!! Not good enough

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    Apparently the answer is no one is working. Im excited knowing that once I can finally log in, inevitably Iíll have to send in another ticket to ask about the missing BOC rewards as well. Iím completely baffled as to the poor responses on tickets or emails as well. Sent one in, random response telling me to screenshot my hospital. Never mind that I canít even get into the game now.

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    It's crazy. We won boc too so expect all my members to get full rewards and adequate compensation for not being able to gather/boss for 24hrs at least

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    We didnít come close to winning but everyone gets rewards based on the points etc. Fascinating that no one replies or just actively fixes the issues. Would seem like if entire alliances are locked out and you can see people stuck in BOC a day after it ends, a developer would think, hmm thatís a problem, letís fix that quick, send them some rewards and move onÖmaybe some badges, couple extra packs. Instead, they leave us locked out and send them random emails to screen shot the problem. Not even a, oh wow thatís a problem, weíre working on it email acknowledging the issue.

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    Watch us have to fight for rewards and get an insulting 1m each resource and 2k gems for lost game time. Absolute joke

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    HI Mix. I can't get on at all. I can read stuff in AC and that's it. 24 hours and nothing. Absolutely ridiculous

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    I canít even log in. Just says connecting. I looked on my sonĎs account a while ago and it showed us still in red. 🤦*♂️. Who knows when it gets fixed. Hopefully sometime soon. Thinking about starting an alt and just dropping in on the server at this point.

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    This happened to one team on our server too.

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    30hrs of game down and no message or response from evony. Is this some kind of joke????

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    I wonder if it was all the same time slot, Slot 5 I was told for the ones affected on our server?

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    Some can still teleport, some can't log in

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