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Thread: BOC Log in glitch / Stuck in BOC

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    Mine keeps saying connecting too Mix. I saw in chat where some are on, but can't do anything. I can't believe they haven't fixed this. Some people drop some serious money in this game. Not a good way to treat people.

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    Yeah, this is total bullshit and someone dropped the ball BIG TIME! I know no one is perfect, but this is going on for way too long.

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    There better be some big time compensation for this. Unacceptable

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    Homer, if youíre who I think you might be, tell them all we said hello. Agreed. Just hope it gets resolved.

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    Ok, I'm not sure you're in my server or not I don't recognize your name but then again I'm using a different name than Evony. Thanks for your support and I hope you and any teammates have theirs resolved quickly as well. ✌🏼

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    I'm not sure customer services or the dev team actually know there's an error yet. Iv been asked to reinstall the app.. lol. As if its a local issue lol

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    Almost 2 days and can't log in. Is anyone working?

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    Can anyone with this issue list the server they are on please. We are 139

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    553 server here, the alliance got theortroops back this morning. Not sure about any compensation yet.

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    AHA on 743 server was who went against UOW on our server

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    We got back in this morning also. Morning on any comp for the time lost.

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