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Thread: I cannot enter my account

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    I cannot enter my account

    Hello Evony team,a few days ago i had a problem with my phone,and after i resolved the problem,i saw that the game started from level 1 .
    My big account where i have keep level 29,and monarh level 25 ,is in server 455,the ID Is 100019015
    Monarh name is: știintza14ro.
    I would like to continue the game because i am playing with some friends.The account wasn't linked with facebook,i was having trouble linking.With google i have linked a small account but it is in another server and i want to play with my friends.please mail me with an answer here or on my mail,or in this forum account mail,just do something please

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    I guess Iím in the same boat, are we really screwed?? Itís already bad that my bubble expires today!!!

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