I am Paranoid from server 802, and also a content creator with a youtube channel:

The rewards for some events are really bad, and must be improved.
I can see on my server, 802, that F2P and low VIP players have no motivation to play and do quests.
The rewards are horrible.

Golden Refining Event:
Cultivate general 80 times - reward 3 hour speedup, 3 advance speed, 3 material box.

Tea Culture Event:
Rewards - 500k rss x2
Rewards - 2 adv speedup

These events are horrible.
You are increasing value of packages to 45000%, and giving double down coupons.. so 90000% return value on package.
Why not increase rewards from Events?
Why not increase rewards from monsters and boss monsters?

This needs to change because no one is playing the game, few players are buying packages, and the others are quitting.
Give new events with better rewards, or all low VIP players will quit.