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Thread: Help for account recovery

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    Help for account recovery


    I need help recovering my account.

    Was inadvertantly unlinked from my google accout.

    Please reach out to me for more information.

    Thank you

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    Recover Account ID

    Dear Liege,

    Please follow the below step and get your 8-9 digital user ID for your lost account,
    Exact account ID of your lost account (in case you've forgotten, click on the 'Three Dots'icon, select 'Friends', go to the 'Recommended' tab and search for your name. It should show the digits of your account)

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    I have reinstalled the application as it was showing the error that u have been disconnected bcx your account is logged in another device.... kindly help me in fixing my account im an iPhone user... i have no way to clear the cache memory of application as well

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    I also have lost access to my account. I had to reinstall and made me try all over again.

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    I have also lost access to my account.
    My phone has started a new game under ID:209010229.

    I would like to recover my other account please ID:208965807 and I will be sure to link it to multiple apps this time.


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    Name: Raptor69!
    ID: 229463293
    Server: 46+8
    I just started playing on pc and i get now error that you have been disconnected. Please help me out here. The account is not linked.

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    I have lost my account, I am on 1187, username is Bindi. Please help

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    While transitioning the sync account to another Gmail,i lost my account.please help

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