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Thread: WLF - Wolf Pack Alliance is Recruiting Players

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    WLF - Wolf Pack Alliance is Recruiting Players

    Hello WLF - Wolf Pack Alliance is looking for active players that want to develop a powerful Monarch.

    I've joined a few alliances only to be disappointed about the engagement / activity. I would get attacked by more powerful players and no one had my back. If even message the leader and members for tips with no reply.

    I want WLF Alliance to be active in developing strength, avenge all players attacks and focus on attacking monsters, exploring relics, participating in events, etc. I'm not too keen on attacking other monarchs unless provoked. But I'm open to suggesting on game play since I'm fairly new.

    Let's develop the most powerful and ethical Alliance in all of Evony... will take some time to get there, but the journey shall be worth it.

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    Je suis nouvelle je cherche une alliance ayant les mêmes valeurs que la vôtre, comment faire pour vous rejoindre.
    Je joue pour m’amuser et rigoler, et par curiosité pour voir les évolutions du jeu par pour faire la guerre sérieusement
    A bientôt

    Donjon niv 16

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    Did you know that Wolf Pack is the name of Allianced gang members in BC Canada. Starting amongst the incarcerated members of UN, HA, IS, RS, BK, 856, GP, ect. it quickly grew in members and strength.

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    Wolf Pack Alliance is increasingly upgrading and improving many features for players to be able to defeat and attack monsters accurately slither io so I think I will join this game and play with friends mine.

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