According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer on March 22, the Philippine Port Authority (PPA) said that with the recovery of shipping demand and the recovery of Global trade, at least 13 new ports in the Philippines are expected to start operation by July. These include currimao port in North elox Province, which aims to meet the entry and exit of large and high-end passenger and cargo ships, and Bulan port in sososogon province. In the future, the port will become a new berthing port between Cebu and Masbate province. In addition, in order to promote trade and tourism in Cebu and Baohe islands, the newly opened ports also include banago port in West Negros Province, baybay and palompon ports on Leyte island. PPA said that the government will continue to use the remaining time to simplify procedures, realize the smooth connection between port approval and construction, and improve the efficiency of PPA.

Last year, the total cargo handling volume of Philippine ports was 270 million tons, an increase of 9.32% over 240 million tons in 2020. In addition, the volume of container transportation in 2021 was 7.35 million TEUs, an increase of 8.73% over 6.76 million TEUs in 2020.

Gantry crane for port storage yard

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Crane Industry Observation: Philippines to open 13 ports for global trade