HHBB type electric chain hoist consists of electric motor, transmission mechanism and sprocket. The lifting capacity is 10 ton, and the lifting height is 3 to 120 meters. The electric chain hoist is widely used in workshops, warehouses, wind power, logistics, terminals, buildings and other occasions. It is used with single and double beam cranes, jib cranes and gantry cranes. It can be used for lifting or loading and unloading goods, also can be used for installation, commissioning and maintenance of precision molds. Operators can follow the hoist with control pendent, and also can control the hoist in control room with remote control. This type electric chain hoist can be used for fixed suspension, and also can be used with electric monorail trolleys and manua monorail trolleys.
Production Features
The hoist shell is light and sturdy, has a high heat dissipation rate, and is fully sealed for use in environments with poor working conditions.
Reverse phase protection device: It is a special electrical device. When the power supply wiring is wrong, the control circuit cannot work.
Limit switch: There are limit switch devices for lifting and lowering, so that the motor stops automatically to prevent the chain from exceeding to ensure safety.
Low-voltage handle switch: The handle low-voltage (24V/36V/48V) control device can prevent accidents when the switch leaks during operation.
Braking device: Braking uses disc DC electromagnetic braking, braking torque is large, stable, rapid, and low noise.
Chain: 80 grade super heat-treated alloy steel chain makes the chain more tough and more durable, ensuring safety during work.
Operating device: The electric trolley is equipped with guiding devices to make the hoist run more smoothly on the I-beam.
Aviation socket: The connection between the hoist and the trolley is safer and more beautiful.
10 ton HHBB type Electric Chain Hoist