Salimov, president of Uzbekistan Automotive Industry Holdings, recently said that Uzbekistan will vigorously develop automotive industries, and strive to achieve 237 cars in 2025. Salimov said that there is currently, the above indicators of Uzbekistan have seriously behind other countries in other countries. For example, Russia has 334 cars, Kazakhstan is 250, Ukraine 204, Uzbekistan only 83. In order to achieve the above objectives, Uzbekistan plans to increase the annual output of the car to 390,000 in 2030, while the annual output of Uzbekistan in 2017 is only 140,000, an increase of 59% year-on-year. In order to standardize the development of the national auto industry, in August 2004, the Uzbekistan government ordered the original “Uzbek Automobile Manufacturing Enterprise Association” as “Uzbek Automotive Industry”. “Uzbek Automotive Industry” is a state-owned holding company, with a total of more than 20 car manufacturing and sales companies. Among the company’s shares, 51% are state-owned, 49% have members of other enterprises. The company’s main task is to formulate the development strategic plan for automotive manufacturing industry, organize production of various modern new vehicles. The Uzbekistan government said that it will support the company’s business activities and promote Uzbekistan’s automotive industry into the world’s advanced ranks.

Dongqi Crane is concerned about the development of the automobile industry in Uzbekistan, which will bring about the expansion of the crane market in Uzbekistan. In the past few years, we have been providing crane services to Uzbekistan, and we have become more and more aware of the vast future market of Uzbekistan. Not only the automobile industry, which is slowly emerging, the added value of Uzbekistan’s agriculture, industry and service industries accounted for 16.99%, 29.47% and 39.85% respectively in 2017. As a Chinese crane manufacturer, Dongqi Crane can provide various types of crane equipment to global customers. It has rich experience in solving crane application scenarios and is very confident about the role that cranes will play in the economic development of Uzbekistan in the future.

Crane industry observation: Uzbekistan will vigorously develop the automobile industry