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Thread: How to distribute my army members to different generals ?

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    How to distribute my army members to different generals ?

    Am a "noob", so be gentle with me, lol !
    Have trying to figure out how to distribute my soldiers, evenly or otherwise, throughout myv4 generals. Any thoughts ?
    Big John 808

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    Hey there!!
    The only way you send out more than 1 General is if you have more than 1 march slot. You didn't mention how many march slots you have but I am guessing you don't have 4 slots.
    When you pick a target you pick a General, the game makes you pick a main General but you can change it, and then you assign troops and off they go. You can't really pre assign troops to Generals.....

    Hope that helps!! Have fun and good luck!

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    The rally spot, located near the bunker allows you to preset armies. You can choose what general will attack and what troops and how many will march with that general. The higher your rally spot is the more preset's you can create.

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    Thanks for sharing that info about the Rally Spot!! I am still learning what all these buildings actually do and there are so many tabs yet to be figured out!!

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