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Thread: Where to order a web app

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    Where to order a web app

    Please advise us, we want to develop a web application for our florist store so that our customers can buy flowers from us. Pay online, and our courier would take the flowers to the address. Where can we address?

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    You can apply to any company that deals with fintech applications and development. In fintech applications falls under everything where there is online payment.

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    Could you advise us in a company that we should apply, so they did us qualitatively, as well as worked on the design of our site. Earlier we had about 4 stores with flowers, we plan to open online sales as well.

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    If you want to have a high-quality application with a beautiful design, etc. Then you can go to owlab. They are engaged in development of fintech applications for quite a long time, they will definitely develop everything for you. Here on their website contact the managers, they will tell you everything. They have a huge portfolio, so you should not worry that they will not be able to develop your web application to sell flowers.

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    The application development of your website will cost you. You can consult the web developers for developing your application. If you want to make extinguish in your business ideas you can take the help of the ideas shared here on this website. This website will provide you with amazing templates that can help you make the best presentation.

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