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Thread: Server change!

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    Server change!

    Please, please, please! Please allow us to change servers anytime we want no matter what keep level we are! Me and my alliance do not like the server we are in because they are rude and they intimidate us and we have no choice but to tolerate it because we can't change servers, so please make it possible to change servers no matter our keep level so that we can enjoy the game again!

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    I would call this immigration flights, it’s a procedure/process that’s available on another game I play (puzzles and conquests).

    I, too, would like the ability to move to another server. I’ve been ”playing” with these guys since 2019 and I am not really happy/having any fun. If we can get immigration flights or some kind of server change option in this game, it’d be awesome.

    I’d add that they’re known to yell at people and tell them, to move to another server if they don’t like it, which implies that they’d like that too.

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    Yes please!!! Many of my alliance members are not happy and want very much to switch servers. You could make it so we cannot switch to brand new servers, but PLEASE allow us to change!!!!

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    The option would be a great idea, my server is trying to force me to quit and give them my keep 😪

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    Maybe something option to change server once in a 2 months?

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