Are you looking for a NAP server with rules that allow every type of player to grow. If you coin, low coin or free play all are welcome to server 592. I am "TheHound" in s592 with alliance "BAR". We have NAP every day that is not KE(monarch/SvS). You bubble for the 3 days of Monarch KE, then four(4) days of no attacking, then bubble for the two(2) days of Server War KE and after svs ke is done, no attacking start when the war clock hits zero. We are in NAP again for four (4) until monarch KE. Its a regular cycle and you can have a personal life. You are allowed to gather every day including monarch KE. No farming on SvS KE days. We have no tile hitting or attacking an alliance keep/main city ever. there are more rules but this is sample of what awaits. Looking forward to you joining us.