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Thread: Find marching troops

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    Find marching troops

    FAQ doesn't work, and I have been searching for info in older threads...

    One of my generals has been "marching" for hours. How do I find the troops and recall them home?

    And for that matter, how do I "gather resources from outside the city"?

    Many of the directives are awfully vague; we're told to do something with no clue how to accomplish the task.

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    I figured out how to recall my marching army.

    Now I'm wondering how to find monsters etc. That I can beat. I lost my entire army on the first monster I attacked. And it wasn't even a low expectation, it was medium.

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    Oh, it looks like occupying locations gathers "outside" resources. Is that right?

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    Not certain why there have been no responses to my posts. There is current activity on this forum... Hmmm

    Anyway, I have found answers to some of my queries. I see that on each server, the closer to the center, the tougher the foes. Marching to the perimeter yields foes that can be beaten in the early game. I do wish I could camp and go out from there to battle multiple foes in quick succession.

    Now, I have heard there is a way to engage multiple construction and multiple marches at once. How might that be accomplished?

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    The learning curve is pretty steep in this game. For multiple marches and construction, follow along.

    Multiple marches: you gain it through city development and MILITARY RESEARCH in the Acadamy. No Acadamy, your to young, give it time,,it will come.

    Multiple construction : Purchased with gems. Click on the builder on left side of screen. The option to hire extra builders will be there.

    Hope this helps.

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    Oh, to add, being VIP and having active VIP time can also grant an extra march.

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