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Thread: How to market your website?

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    How to market your website?

    I own the site and therefore have all the access. I can independently promote it? Specifically, what must be done on the site (in the online store), which would further affect the promotion of the site?

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    There are many websites, books, and guides to help you get started. But you may find that many resources offer conflicting information. High-quality website content can be a significant factor in attracting the attention of users.

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    A site with 1,000 monthly visitors is of little use to a company that wants to make a profit. Therefore, in order for your site to be useful, you need to increase traffic to the site and attract the attention of users.
    In order for someone to find your site, you need to rank above all other sites. It's not easy, but that's the essence of SEO marketing. Use this checklist for seo audit to see how effective your site is, if there is a duplicate text, how effective keywords are, and so on. Next, work on the bugs.

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