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Thread: How to present a product to customers?

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    Unhappy How to present a product to customers?

    Hi all! Recently, I had a question about how to present your product to people so that they buy it. I have found dozens of good books and hundreds of articles on the subject that give the same advice. The problem is that most of the tips are outdated. Of the many methods and techniques, I have identified a few really cool ones. One of them is modeling the impact of a product on a person's life. We show the client, using an application or an Excel spreadsheet, how their life will change if they buy our product. But collecting this data takes a lot of time, and processing it even more.

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    Hey! I understand you. I myself have studied dozens of books and read all the articles on the Internet on this topic. They all give the same advice, but in different words. Some companies make software which helps pharmaceutical corporations to present their product. I recommend visiting

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