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Thread: Still a solid PPC Amazon strategy for 2022

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    Still a solid PPC Amazon strategy for 2022

    The mindset, if you want to attain your 7-digit goal with Amazon, should always be updated with the fundamentals. These fundamentals should always be considered when making any decisions for your Amazon store. These are not a one-time factor but a core winning strategy to make your 7-digit profit dream a reality. So the factors you should use to assess in creating your WINNING STRATEGY for 2022 are:

    Focus on your semantic core: Listing Optimization

    Optimizing listings doesn’t end on creating your title, bullet points, and product descriptions. As a seller, you have to regularly find which keywords you should target for PPC to generate more conversions. You’ll also need to make sure you are only paying for keywords that actually convert to a sale. So if a keyword is irrelevant and/or not generating any sales, add them as your negative keyword so you won’t bleed your budget. A new feature on Seller Central is the Product Attribute Targeting which you can utilize to create a defense and attack PPC Campaign. Especially if you have variations on your product e.g., color and size. The Product Attribute Targeting is a great way to make sure potential buyers are only seeing your products when they view your listing.

    Create a smart strategy to get to the TOP

    A general rule in Amazon PPC is ‘optimize sales conversions, manage your spending’. Make sure you are spending for campaigns that convert and putting a stop on those that are not bringing in the sales. And to do this, you need to analyze your data to create a strategy. Compare your Week-on-Week, Month-on-Month, and Year-to-date data to adjust bids and budgets, not just based on impulse.

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