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Thread: Need paperwork for egg donation

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    Need paperwork for egg donation

    Has anyone ever used egg donation services? Is it necessary to ask for help from a lawyer to do all the paperwork that might arise. We don't want any problems later.

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    You need a lawyer to solve your problem. Or do you only need a lawyer for consultation? If for consultation, then try to contact any lawyer.

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    You can't go to any lawyer, for the reason that few people specialize in this area. Most specialize in other areas, such as construction, human rights, etc.

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    The most important thing is to conclude a contract with a clinic from which you will either buy bio material or sell it to them. Before this, it is best to contact a lawyer who will advise you on all issues of egg donation they have extensive experience in dealing with such issues. They will help you properly draft a contract, advise you on the entire process that can arise from the donation and much more.

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