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Thread: Lost account

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    Lost account

    I’m trying to recover my old account. I was switching accounts from different devices and I saved account to my Game Center’s account. When I went to switch accounts it saved my other account on both platforms and delete one of my accounts. I’m in server 1015 the account I’m trying to recover is “Lv25?” K33 account ID number 169997852. I already started a new game “Monarch205664854” ID number 205774754. Please help

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    I need to access my main account on Evony server 921 alliance AFO Cougs2023 main account level 31 ID 165194844 new account same server and alliance name is LunaRayne level 16 ID 231897369 I need help getting the Cougs2023 account back before svs I had it linked to a Facebook account but it won't let me link it back without starting back over I need help asap

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