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Thread: Strong Alliance Looking to Add a Few New Faces

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    Strong Alliance Looking to Add a Few New Faces

    Server 1015
    Alliance PAO

    We’re a strong team with 1B+ power with a good core of active players. We’d like to add a few active players to help make us more competitive in Battlefield and other team events.
    We’re a team of adults who are playing for fun. We like to chat and help each other grow. Your current power/monarch level aren’t that important to us. We’ll help you grow. Just have a positive attitude, be a good communicator, and be a regular player. A goofball sense of humor doesn’t hurt either. 🙃

    Message me if you are interested!

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    Hello! I'm interested in your alliance!
    Monarch Level: 24
    Stronghold Level: 27
    Current total power is about 24mil, I can take care of the level 8 peryton boss by myself but not the level 9 yet.

    I'm im server 1201 but both it and my current alliance are pretty new. And my alliance doesn't really do any of the events like the undead invasion so I'm looking for something that does.

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    Hi there, if you can come over to our server we’d be happy to have you. I’m not sure if you’re still young enough to transfer. But you’re welcome to start a new city and join our alliance. You could try us out that way and you wouldn’t have to give up your old city.
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    Does Evony do migration at any point ? Most games like this do once a year...I am needing to get off server alliance with all the spenders in it have taken it over and took all the fun out of it.

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