Hi All, I started my evony journey on my iPhone Monarch ID 201235220. I linked this to to game center and my Facebook account. I wanted to play on my PC too so I used Bluestacks and that works great. Once on Bluestacks my account got linked to google play also. I then started an Alt Monarch ID 209500869. I have also now created and use the multiple instance in Bluestacks. I cannot play as both monarchs on my phone, which I am okay with. I can play both monarchs in bluestacks. My issue is I cannot play both monarchs at the same time even with the multiple instance feature.

What I very much want to do is move my alt monarch ID 209500869 to a new google play account based upon a new google ID Rolandevony3 can this be done? if so how? I have coined on both and do not want to lose anything progress and spending if possible.

Thank you
Monarch 201235220