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Thread: Is there something weird going on with my power?

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    Is there something weird going on with my power?


    There is something weird going on with my power, and want to know if this is normal behavior or that it is indeed something weird.
    I've never seen this before, just after the last update.
    There are 2 places were you can see your power in the main screen and in the monarch screen.

    My Monarch screen says that my power is 18.624.033, my main screen says my power is 18.5. So there is a difference, but this is not even the weird part.
    When enter the game and go to my monarch screen immediately it says my power is 18.534,033.
    When I then click for example on hospital (and do nothing there) and go back to monarch screen my power just increased with 90.000 and became 18.624.033 again.
    When I leave the game and reenter it's back to 18.534.033 I can repeat this over and over again.

    My power does increase normally when i train troops or upgrade building etc, but their is always that difference of to 90.000 between main screen and monarch screen, and entering game vs doing something in game.

    Their support told is just because of delay in updating power, is it?

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