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Thread: I changed my phone

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    I changed my phone

    I have one problem...i changed my phone...i have now Huawei Mate 50 pro....before that, i had Xaomi.
    I transfered all from my old phone, but Evony wants me to start from the begining....
    It is hard to accept this😏
    Is there any way to continue, without loosing?

    Thanks all for helping,
    Have a great evening,


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    It is legal, enlisting someone to create your professional assignment writers for you isnít comparable to recreating someoneís work without giving them the due credit. If you feel Iím getting someone to make my article includes achieving something unlawful, you are secured.

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    I had to wait until i could access the settings then go to where you linked tour account, hopefully you linked it to google or facebook, or both. Then tap that, a message should pop up asking if you want to lose current progress for your old account lvl, hit yes and you should be good.

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    If you didn't link it and have access on fhe old phone go into old phone and link it then close that phone, reopen on new phone and do the above

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