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Thread: Male in keep

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    Male in keep

    I would like to suggest that there should be an option in gender ...not only female

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    I agree With andymartz!!!! Why is there only female????? I want a man in my keep!!!!!!

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    Another example of the racism and sexism in the game. When Helen was the only champion, I suggested you should be able to choose among champion of different races and genders.

    What did they do? They created another white woman!

    This is just a game for white male teenagers.

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    "Another example of racism and sexism in the game..."
    You picked a game with most of the name of it being "...The King's Return" and you are somehow surprised by it being from a male perspective?
    And how does the name "Evony" sound like something other than European?
    What's racist and sexist is trying to expect something that is centered around a European name and a male perspective to bow to some push away from its own aesthetic.
    Try your thesis with an African themed game, trying to push it out of its starting aesthetic, and see how far your attempt gets.

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    I suggested allowing you to choose a champion from among people of different racial and gender identities, try playing with rolling ball 3d game

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    I agree! Female players want the option of a male Champion.

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    Yes the game is called Evony the kings return, but that doesn't mean that the king can't be the champion inside the keep while the queen clears the board.

    Something to think about

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