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Thread: all major updates have been pushed live to the server

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    all major updates have been pushed live to the server

    For more than a year, I have been playing this game, which has been plagued by server lag. Lately, during critical events, all major updates have been pushed live to the server, exacerbating the issue. This situation is detrimental to players, but profitable for Evony, as bad lag can lead to more spending. I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the game, and the situation is causing players to leave in droves. I enjoy exploring the game's mechanics, being part of an alliance, and the concept of the game, but I have been experiencing issues with my march being stuck, unable to recall or take any action. As I write this, I am still frozen and vulnerable to attacks during a significant event. The game is becoming unplayable due to these issues, causing dedicated players to quit and losing potential revenue for Evony. I implore the company to prioritize fixing the lag over adding more features or events that omeglz don't matter if the game doesn't work properly.
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