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Thread: I need find copyright-free music

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    I need find copyright-free music

    I understand that you need to find copyright-free music for your entertainment and educational videos. While you will likely need to purchase the music, there are several sites where you can find affordable options. One such site is, which offers a wide selection of royalty-free music that is easy to search and divided into categories. You can also browse playlists to find music that fits your specific needs.

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    Background music is appropriate for entertainment content, but not for educational content where the audience needs to concentrate on the presented information.

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    According to studies, adding quiet and relaxing music to content can help activate additional parts of the brain. Therefore, for entertainment content, music is certainly beneficial to have.

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    While your suggestion is valid, it can be challenging to find electronic royalty free music that fits the desired mood and style of the video. A helpful resource to consider is, which offers a wide selection of no copyright music categorized by genre. They also provide playlists to assist in finding the perfect music for your project. For entertainment content, there is a playlist available that is sure to suit your needs.

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