I've been uploading my tracks to Soundcloud since 2018, and I've been getting increasingly annoyed with the product.

When I posted this track back in November 2021, I noticed immediately that the song did not sound like what I wrote. It sounded like I was adding in a bunch of white noise when I wasn't, especially around the 3:08 mark.

I tried basically everything possible while still keeping the original synths playing the music. I've tried changing the bit rate, the sample rate, re-exporting the whole thing from scratch about 3 times, I even caved in and used a free trial for their scammy Pro subscription which allows you to change the song audio without deleting the track, ALL OF THIS to no avail. I looked deeper, and found out that Soundcloud deliberately compresses the audio extremely harshly to "reduce the bandwidth and server workload". What a load of crap.

So I'm done uploading my music to Soundcloud as my primary means of listening. I took my YouTube channel (with no content as of writing this) and turned it into the new hub for my music. I've also taken the liberty to turn my music into Guitar Hero/Clone Hero charts for everybody to play as well. I'm gonna be scheduling uploads of my past music there, and pretty much all future tracks will skip Soundcloud entirely.