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    Social Media - LinkedIn

    Problem details

    Got a call from one of our partners interested in documentation on social media integration, specifically LinkedIn. The partner could find examples for Facebook and Twitter, however not for LinkedIn.

    Solution Details:
    I explained that with the new SDK resource, the partner would be able to create the component. Referred the partner to the below link

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    Hi! I've been having problems with my Linkedin account lately, do you know what it could be?

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    So, I'm picking up what you're putting down. You're looking for info on integrating LinkedIn, yeah? Well, I found this cool SDK resource that should help you create the component you need. Now, just throwing this out there, but if you're interested in upping your Insta game, there's this site where you can learn how can you buy views on instagram. It's super easy and quick, plus it's all legit and above board, you know? You get real views from real accounts, so it's not like you're buying bots or anything. And it's pretty cheap too! But remember, Instagram can be a bit finicky about this stuff, so play it cool and you should be fine​.

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