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Thread: My kids have grown.

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    My kids have grown.

    Most recent photo of our children. For fathers day the family spent some time at the Denver botanic gardens. This was the only shot I got of them together. Some of you may remember Amanda and her blue eyes from years past. She is out of the knee brace now. Logan would have much rather gone fly fishing. Can you tell? LOL

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    Getting 2 kids together for a shot is tough - my 2 are 1500 miles apart - but both around the same ages -

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    It's heartwarming to see your most recent photo of the kiddos. The Denver Botanic Gardens sounds like a perfect place to celebrate Father's Day. Amanda's blue eyes are still as captivating as ever, and it's great to hear she's out of the knee brace now.

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    As for Logan, I can totally tell he's itching to go fly fishing instead. Haha, gotta love their individual interests! By the way, if you're interested in supporting foster parents, you should think about it. This website has some valuable info on how you can make a difference. Cherish these precious family moments, and here's to many more memorable times together!

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