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Thread: Yet another HQ dice roller

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    Yet another HQ dice roller

    During the pandemic some friends from high school (early 90s) and I were in touch and we decided playing some virtual games of HQ was in order. I packed up one of my copies and shipped it off to my buddy who was keen to play as Zargon. We coordinated and played via Discord; Zargon had the board setup and being recorded with his webcam on one of the chat screens and then two of us playing two heroes each. It was too cumbersome to have the Heroes rolling to move and rolling Combat Dice, so we had Zargon do the rolling for everyone. We didn't have good enough resolution to see the dice rolls, so it was unsatisfying on a number of levels to have someone else roll for you and then just tell you the result of the off-camera roll.

    To remedy this I downloaded and setup the teal dice roller on one of my linux machines, changed the interface to only show D6 dice and I changed the graphics for the D6 dice faces to represent the HQ Combat dice. I also setup an alternate D6 to represent the Movement Dice. I got rid of the extraneous die types and stopped it showing the sum of the D6 faces. The dice have great movement and a nice simulated weight to them, so they're satisfying to roll and feel significantly better than other click-to-roll dice apps.

    At the start of the Hero turn, for example, we'd just click the icon showing 2 red dice and the dice would roll for that Hero. The last die roll stays within that frame until you double-click (or double-tap) to reset the display and get ready for the next die roll - you can see an example of this in Zargon's dice area at the bottom, next to the Chaos Sorcerer.

    We then had an additional Dice Rolling 'player' connected to the Discord channel with the HQ Dice app running full screen (and sharing their screen with the channel) so all of us could see it. We could then have all Movement and Combat Dice rolls made publicly, in very clear view of all players. Watching the dice roll in real time also brought back some of the anticipation of watching the dice roll during critically-important Attack and Defend rolls. The dice app runs in the browser, not on the server, so it's possible to have multiple instances running in parallel simultaneously on any number of machines/web browsers/or frames. Sure, HTML snobs decry frames are dead, but that didn't stop me!!

    The dice app, combined with OBS Studio to overlay our Hero character cards, cards, BP, etc. over our live webcam pictures, made for some very streamlined gaming nights!

    LOL, my server is public (and accessible by desktop sharing) so that we can all use it, hence blurring-out the IP address in the first picture

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    Wow, playing virtual games of HQ with your high school buddies during the pandemic sounds like a blast! It's awesome that you found a way to make it work using Discord and webcam setups. But yeah, relying on someone else to roll the dice for you can be a bit unsatisfying. However, your solution of setting up a custom dice roller on your Linux machine is genius! The fact that you tweaked it to show only the D6 dice faces representing HQ Combat and Movement dice is super cool. And the simulated weight and movement of the dice add that extra touch of realism. Plus, having a dedicated dice-rolling player connected to the Discord channel with the HQ Dice app running full screen is a great idea to ensure transparency and excitement during rolls. Thanks for sharing your experience! By the way, I'm new to this forum, so greetings to everyone! While browsing online, I came across an online dice roller at**that you might find interesting.

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